Miyako Todaiji
Race Human
Gender Female
Birthday January 21
Age 16
17 (as of chapter 19)
Hair Light porple hair
Eyes Light red eyes
Height 161 cm
Weight 45 kg
Blood type B
Personal status
Family Himuro Todaiji (father)
Yamato Minaduki (husband)
Shinji Minaduki (Son)
Education Momokuri High School
Occupation High School Student
First Appearance
Manga Volume 1, chapter 1
Anime Season 1, episode 1
Japanese Naoko Matsui

Miyako Todaiji is Maron's classmate and best friend since childhood, who lives across the Maron's apartment.


Miyako's father is a police detective and, desiring to follow his footsteps, Miyako frequently aids in trying to catch Kaitou Jeanne. Stubborn with a fierce temper, Miyako notes during the series that even Maron is sometimes distant and that it bothers her. Miyako is initially in love with Chiaki, and jealous of Maron, but later accepts Maron's and Chiaki's growing relationship. When Yamato confesses to her, Miyako thinks he's only joking, as Yamato had long been in love with Maron. He eventually convinces her of his sincerity and at the end of the series Miyako and Yamato marry, and have a son named Shinji. Eventually, Miyako reveals that she knew Maron was Jeanne the whole time, and that she only tried to catch Jeanne so she could release her if she was caught. In the anime adaption, Miyako was unaware that Maron is Jeanne and is deeply hurt when Maron was forced to transform in front of her. The pain allows Finn to use Miyako to attack Maron, but Maron is eventually able to wake her up. In the anime television series, Miyako is voiced by Naoko Matsui.

Miyako's relation towards Jeanne changes throughout the series. At the start she hates her, but as the story goes on, there are a few moments where she protests against accusations of Jeanne saying that "she would never do that!", By the end when her brother gets possesed, she even yells out for Jeanne begging her to save him. After that episode she knows that Jeanne can't be a simple thief and wants to ask her about the truth.


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